Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween: Mermaid DIY Costume

This Halloween, I decided to do something different. I did away with the fake blood and gore, and decided to glam up.
This year I took inspiration from Lauren Conrad's Halloween costume, and decided to be a mermaid!

Me and my (dead) pirate

I'd like to say the outfit was simple enough to make, but time consuming, oh my was it time consuming. I basically started with a  plain bralette, and bedazzled, and kept bedazzling until my hands were stuck together with hot glue (thank you glue gun). I got the awesome shell bag seen above from good old Asos for £14.

What you'll need if you'd like to recreate this is:

- a hot glue gun (and a lot of glue)
-shells ( again a lot of shells)
-a plain white bralette
-2 metres of green iridescent fabric of your choosing
-tulle ( lots of tulle)

The method for creating the bedazzled bralette is really quite simple ( I mean, I did it) all you need to do is decide where you want your shells, sequins and beads to go, and start gluing! You'll need extra glue for round beads or pearls, as these have a tendency to pop off.

Here are some progress pictures I took:

As you can see, the shells leave gaps, which shows through the white bralette, I filled these gaps with beads and sequins, to make it look completely covered. I bought the shells and the glue gun from Hobbycraft, and the fabric for the skirt from fabric land.

Still a work in progress...

Here's the finished bralette with the unfinished skirt

I'd love to tell you how to make the skirt, but in all honesty, I'm terrible at sewing. My mum made the skirt, she used a fishtail skirt pattern, and started with a pencil skirt, as seen above, then attached the tulle at the bottom. Voila!

As for my hair and makeup, I kept my hair simple by doing a messy plait, then weaving some green fabric through. For the make up, I followed one of the numerous tutorials on YouTube, involving a fishnet, lots of bright coloured eye-shadow and loads of sparkles.

This costume was a lot of fun to make and wear, however next year I think I'll do myself a favour, keep it simple and be a cat.

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