Thursday, 11 April 2013

Take a tour round Liberty with me!

Wow, so it's been a while eh? Apologies for the lack of post's recently, life has been pretty hectic these past few months!
So a few days ago I went to London again, and this time went to the British institution that is Liberty a department store int the West End of London that was first opened in 1875. The visit was in order to see if I could find anything to spend my birthday money on (18 - woo- or perhaps not as it means I may have to adopt the behaviors of a real life adult - yelp) but alas I didn't find anything within my price range, however still had an awesome time walking round and looking.
Yes yes yes, outfit repeat, I'm sorry, I apologies from the very bottom of my heart, I really do. 
There were so many things to see, and my favorite section was of course the fashion, I was nearly sent into a comatose state at all the gorgeous, yet unobtainable, garments surrounding me. My favorite section was by far the Vintage section, I smugly instagrammed a few pictures (my followers don't need to know I could never dream of owning a vintage Chanel) before having to move on in case risking spontaneous combustion. I like vintage, a lot, however designer vintage is just too much for one girl to handle in one day.
1890's Chanel and 1990's Dolche & Gabbana (swoon)
Asides from the designer garbs in the fashion department, I kinda fell in love with the tea sets too, all pretty flowery and kitsch, just how I like it, unfortunately no smug instagram photos were taken of these, sadly.
However I found some cute flower pots and paper birds! (I'm not quite sure either...just go with it)

So I said "tour" in the title, what I really meant was sweeping visit in which I show you fuzzy instagrams of paper birds, whilst you picture me hyperventilating under a pile of vintage Dolce&Gabbana.

Better posts to resume when I can gather my senses after being bombarded with school stress.

India x

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