Monday, 29 April 2013

Gatsby. What Gatsby?

I don't know about you but I am far too excited about the release of The Great Gatsby, it looks utterly spectacular. It's as if the film gods heard my prayers, and threw all of my favourite things into one film; amazing storyline, costumes, soundtrack, actors, have I missed anything? I've been excited for this film since last year, so come May 10th I shall be a very very happy girl.
So, where to start?
Okay firstly, the costumes. Oh my god, the costumes. Miuccia Prada has collaborated with Catherine Martin, the films costume designer, to create wonderfully luxurious Twenties gowns, whilst taking inspiration from the Prada and Miu Miu archives, need I say more? Oh and the jewelry is by Tiffany's. (Excuse me whilst I cry.)
Here are some of the sketches by Miuccia Prada:
Gorgeous right?
Oh the dress envy...
Love the neck detail on this black dress. 
Then there's the soundtrack. Lana Del Rey, The XX, Florence and The Machine, some of my favorite artists - I really don't know how this happened, I lucked out apparently. Never have I ever seen such an amazing soundtrack for any film, like, ever.

There's also the director, Baz Lurhmann. To be honest, I couldn't think of anyone better to direct this particular film, the lavishness and extravagance of Gatsby's soirees could only ever be done justice by such a director as Lurhmann. Who is renowned for stunning visuals and dramatic staging, take Moulin Rouge as an example.
When Lurhmann puts on a show, he puts on a show. 

 Lets not forget the acting talent -Leonardo Di Caprio. Just, wow, okay, yes I may or may not be crushing on him huge amounts. The impeccably tailored suits and mysterious Gatsby allure are just not helping either, seriously what are they trying to do to me here? Whilst he has some rather large shoes to fill in the form of Robert Redford, there is no doubt in my mind he'll be every inch as wonderful as Gatsby, if not more.
Also Carey Mulligan, who whilst being relatively new to the Hollywood scene, has landed herself a role in one of the biggest films this summer, which is pretty damn impressive I'd say. I think she'll do a good job as being Daisy from what I've seen so far. 
I may just add here, that I happen to be unashamedly jealous of her right now, Prada, Tiffany's and Leo - can a girl ask for more? I think not.
Tobey Maguire is playing Nick Carraway, now, I won't lie, I've never really been a fan of his acting, (Spiderman 3 kinda ruined him for me. He just did so much crying, and lest we forget that dance scene). However I shall hold my judgement and wait til I see the film before I criticize.
Also have just found out Isla Fisher is in the film too, cool right? Loved her acting since Confessions Of  A Shopaholic.
Now, I am no film critic and probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but I am so excited for the release of this film, and I am predicting a lot of Oscar nominations for this one, in many of the categories. I swear down if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't get one for this, I'll start some sort of petition. No kidding.
Here's the newest trailer for the film, just be warned you will get shivers and heart palpitations, this is normal. However if you go into cardiac arrest do call someone...because that probably isn't normal, I mean I know it's exciting, but come on now. 

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