Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Birthday Haul!

I recently (or not so recently considering it is now 2 weeks ago, but oh well) celebrated my 18th birthday!(which was fun until I realised this meant I was like a proper adult and stuff, then I got scared and proceeded to hide under my duvet).
Anyways here's the lovely presents given to me by family and friends! (Mostly family, my friends mainly got me alcohol, which you know, I'm not complaining about. I believe that Blueberry Smirnoff should come in very handy at a later date).
So firstly, I received this cute pale green boucle biker jacket from H&M from my mum, and this coral peplum top from New Look which look awesome together. I also got these super snazzy earrings, I really love the perspex detail, and they'll go well with the jacket and top.
Also received was this gorgeous opal ring from my parents, I think they heard my not so subtle hints about how I really really like opals, or something. Along with that I got these lurrvley sunglasses again from Topshop, which I like to think harp back to the 1940's (kinda), and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet which I have already received a lot of complements about!
I also got two new Pandora charms, I sense a flower theme going on here no?
Then two dresses, a lace dress from Primark, with this sweet bow detail at the back, which will be perfect for summer, if we ever actually get any sun. The second dress I wore that night, and was this black dress from Missguided, I especially liked the floaty skirt contrasting with the structured top half, with the slit down the chest, because lets face it, that's about as revealing as I'm willing to go.

I got two pairs of shoes, these brown leather weaved flats from Topshop which will look good with all manner of dresses and skirts in the summer (if we ever have one). And secondly these boots from Chockers which I wore when me and my friends went out that night. To be honest I'm surprised I didn't trip, fall and break my neck, myself intoxicated and in heels is a big no no.
So those were some of my favourite presents, I had a great birthday, and apologise again for the lateness of this post!
India x

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