Thursday, 11 October 2012

London Fashion Week Pictures!

I had meant to do this post ages ago but I was so busy with going back to school that I never got the chance, anyway in September I had the amazing experience of dressing at London Fashion Week for two shows; Unconditional and House of Holland. And yes I was fangirling in my head when I saw Henry Holland and grinning like a silly school girl, I think he thought I was a tad unhinged. It was so much fun, and this time I managed to take a few (fuzzy) snaps from backstage, enjoy!
The model/outfit board at House of Holland, showing what model is wearing which outfit.

Snapped Henry Holland whilst doing an interview for Vogue.

This is the models outfits whom I was dressing, the board shows how the outfits are to be styled and also the number of showing order the model goes onto the catwalk. 

And some other assorted pictures from behind the scenes!

indiarose4's London Fashion Week album on Photobucket

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