Saturday, 24 December 2011

How to do Polka Dot nails!

If you're bored of having plain nails and want to give your nails a cute makeover, try doing polka dot nails, they are so easy and simple to do, and I will show you how in this post! First choose two colours you want to work with as a base coat and a polka dot colour, I chose these two shades of pink by Barry M, one is a coral colour and the other a peach colour which I think will work well together.

Then bend out a bobby pin, and use the rounded ends to create the polka dots, dab some of the polka dot colour onto a piece of paper and use this as a "palette" to create the dots.

Then just dot the bobby pin with the colour applied to it, randomly on your nail, and they're done!

A simple and quick way to update your nails! Hope you enjoyed reading and tried this yourself! I might do more nail tutorials in the future :)

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