Friday, 17 June 2011

A new found way of procrastinating- as I needed more ways of distracting myself from revision.

So I recently found this site called "Polyvore" and I have to say,
I find it amazing! I can't believe I didn't find out about it earlier,
but now I have found out about it, it will now be taking up most of
 my revision breaks. 
"Polyvore" is a fashion website where you can create "sets" 
of outfits, it's so fun! Made more so, by the fact that you can make 
outfits out of designer gear I could never afford in real life. 
This is one of the "sets" I've made:Grunge Glam

Helmut Lang printed tank top
$320 -

Skinny jeans
£138 -

Converse sneaker
£50 -

ZM925 monogrammed jewelry
£120 -

Cross ring

Benefit BADGal Waterproof Eye Pencil
$20 -

Dior 'Rock Coat' Topcoat
$20 -

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