Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fur - The Buffalo Bill of the animal world?

  I'm not a vegetarian. Nor a vegan. I'm not an "animal activist" and have never raided a testing facility or tied myself to a tree in aid of animals. I do however, as someone interested in fashion, often wonder why people choose to wear the skin of animals to prove their wealth, title, or how fashionable they think they are. Animal fur isn't fashionable. It doesn't show your wealth. It is simply a cruel and brutal form of "fashion".

Perhaps if those despicable people, who wear fur, knew how their coats or scarves were made they'd think twice. Ever seen Silence of the Lambs? Remember "Buffalo Bill"? Remember what he did to his victims? Yes, well that is what happens to the poor, defenceless innocent animals; that are skinned alive. I'm not going to go into details, as it makes me feel sick and it should make others feel sick. However unfortunately there are some, who choose to increase the demand for this cruel trade.

What’s your favourite animal? Rabbits? Maybe foxes? These animals are subjected to the horror of skinning, trapped in small wire cages, waiting for the impending terror that awaits them. All so some sad, pathetic, ignorant person can wrap their new fur shawl round their shoulders and feel important, rich and “fashionable” when all they’re really proving is how unhinged they are; condoning the torture of animals. They're sick; thinking that having something suffer so you can wear it is okay. Surely that must show some kind of mental imbalance? 

I'm not sure how the people who put these animals through this torture can live with themselves. How can they sleep at night knowing what harm they have caused to innocent defenceless creatures? How can the people who buy fur live with themselves? Knowing they are funding one of the most vile and barbaric trades? I don’t know, I don’t know how they convinced themselves that what they have done is acceptable, but one thing I do know for certain is that the torture and murder of animals is most definitely not acceptable, and never will be.
However you can make a difference though, by signing this pledge saying you will never participate in this sick act: 

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