Thursday, 7 April 2011


So this post may seem a bit delayed, but I thought I would do it anyway, seeing as I'm bored and don't have anything better to do.
Last Friday was my birthday and I turned 16, which got me thinking - what can I do now I'm sixteen, apart from the obvious...
So I did a bit of googling and came up with a list of quite reasonable, to totally absurd laws...enjoy!
1. Get married with parental consent
2. Drive a moped
3. Drive a...tractor?!
4. Buy a lottery ticket
5. Leave school
6. Leave home with parental consent
7. Change your name by deed poll
8. Pilot a you do...
9. Drink wine or beer with a meal, if your with someone over 18
10. Buy and sell scrap metal...
11. Work full time
12. Buy liqueur chocolates...pointless seeing as they're gross anyway.
13. Join the armed forces with parental consent
14. Smoke cigarettes
15.  Get a tattoo with parental consent

Well, now I at least know I can finally start that scrap metal business I've always wanted...ehem...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's day

Hello to the few people that are reading this, as you will hopefully know, and if the occasion slipped your mind, keep reading and you will be reminded shortly, it is Mother's day on Sunday!
 I thought I would take this opportunity to show my appreciation for my mum - it sounds really cheesy, but I promise I wont make it too disgustingly corny, and I'm writing this on limited time - so I'll keep it short and sweet.
It's all too easy to take for granted everything that your mum does for you, for example, my mum works half the day, and then has to ferry me and my sisters around town for the rest of the day, then comes home cooks dinner, gets the youngest sister off to bed, and somehow, in the midst of all this craziness, doesn't seem to go completely nutty!
 If you just stop for a second and take into account everything that your mum does for you, its scary; in my case, my mum has to juggle her life, and three others, it's hard to think she does all this when I am having trouble just controlling mine! My mum is one of the most important people in my life, if I didn't have her, I doubt I would be able to function at all, she is my best friend, my therapist, my style advisor, and most of all - my mother, the one person who will be there for me no matter what. And I said I wasn't going to make this cheesy - sorry readers!
In this busy life we all take many things for granted, it's hard not to, however this Sunday, show your appreciation to the one woman who should never be taken for granted, and is, way too much.
 Happy Mothers Day Mum!