Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Most stylish X-factor contestant...

Every Saturday and Sunday night, hundreds of people all across the nation sit around their telly's in anticipation to watch the X-Factor. Many people will be focusing on the contestants vocal ability...however some people (like me) are focused on their styling ability. Although some may argue that this is entirely missing the point of the show, it is a very interesting part of it.
For instance when Katie Waissel wore that bizarre headgear on the first live show, or when Paije was slammed by Simon for his choice of jacket on several occasions.

I would have to say, after watching all the live shows religiously, there are some contestants style that stands out more than others.The two particular contestants that have stood out are Rebbecca and Cher, as they seem to have very different and distinct tastes and know what look they are going for, unlike Katie who was all over the place! (who told her that haircut was a good idea?)

Rebbecca Ferguson's style is very timeless and echos the elegant, classic era's of the 30's, 40's, 50's. She knows what works and what doesn't when going for that look, which is highly important if it is to be carried out well. Going for classic simple shapes and timeless accessories plays a huge part in how she looks so effortlessly elegant. Rebbecca has never failed to impress with her fantastic wardrobe choices every Saturday, and her personal style always shines through.

 Cher Lloyd's unique mix of grunge and street style speaks volumes, her outfits always mange to seem effortlessly pulled together, and pieces that shouldn't conventionally go together at all, look great together! For example a tutu and flower print Doc Martins should probably never work but Cher pulls it off with her signature head scarf and black corset top, giving the look a grunge-glam appeal.

Singing aside, the contestant who gets my vote for the best style would be Rebbecca, as her style is elegant, classic and will stand the test of time, whereas Cher's fashion sense is more of the moment trends that come and go, and as Coco Chanel once said "Fashion fades, only style remains the same".

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  1. i think rebbecca has the best style personally, cher's style is a bit to busy for me, i like some of the simplicity of rebbecca's outfits (: