Saturday, 2 October 2010

Elle Talent Competition 2010

So I decided to enter the Elle Talent Competition, which was a contest for budding writers to have the chance to be published in Elle magazine! The competition entailed writing 900 words on the question 'Do I really need another pair of shoes?'. I am just wishing now they did essay questions like this at school :D .
This is my entry, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Do you really need another pair of shoes? 

I was on a shopping trip to London with my auntie, I was a timid, twelve year old at the time, just starting secondary school, and not quite fitting in, and it was my first “proper” shopping trip I had ever been on. As we wandered around various designer boutiques, filled with beautiful exquisite clothes, I felt overwhelmed, and as I stroked candy coloured cashmere jumpers and luxurious fur stoles I thought to myself that I could never afford or ever be worthy of anything that beautiful.
The last stop of the day was at Alexander McQueen, by this time I was tired and wanted to go home, I slumped on a chair in the middle of the shop, fed up. My auntie was browsing though numerous selections of shoes, she stopped when she found a pair of deep purple patent knee high high heeled boots. She held them up for me to see, and with one glance I was bewitched. They were the loveliest pair of shoes I had ever seen, I urged her to try them on. I suddenly forgot about being exhausted the moment I saw them .This was the very first time I realised I needed those shoes, however, being twelve it was obviously never going to happen.
I imagined how my life would be different if I had them, I would no longer be the shy girl, which lacked confidence. Suddenly I was stylish, “cool”, in this imaginary world I could do what I liked when I liked, I was adventurous and daring, and when my auntie took the boots off and decided to leave them, my heart sank. My idea of the new “me” shattered. I longed for them on the train home, I wanted to go back to the boutique and stare at them, touch them just one more time. I loved the way the boots made me feel so much more confident, it shocked me how just one pair of boots could make me feel so special, and take me to this make-believe world, where I was a girl who actually mattered and didn’t shrink into invisibility. I made myself a promise that day that I would do what I could to own a pair of shoes that would make me feel that way again. When I got home I excitedly told my mother about them, right down to last fine detail. I told a few friends at school; however nobody seemed to understand why I was so infatuated with just a pair of shoes.
A pair of shoes. They are an object. Yes. An object of desire? Maybe. An object of meaning? For a certain person, definitely. A pair of shoes can mean so much more than a stylish accessory to complement your outfit; they can be an item of great significance, it’s just as they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That certain pair of shoes could give you the confidence boost you had needed all week or all year, instantly improving your mood no matter how bad your day was, and stating the obvious they can make you happy, some may say it is a fleeting happiness lasting only moments, however I think that every time you put on that pair of shoes, the shoes that made your heart skip a beat when you saw them in the shop, you will feel a hell of a lot better than you did before.
So do you really need another pair of shoes? My answer is a definite yes. If they make you feel like the most important person in the world, or even if they make you feel more confident. Each pair of shoes tells a story to that individual; they will always be reminded of why and when they bought them, and how they made them feel and what they felt like every time they slipped them on. It was that pair of purple knee high boots that made me realise the importance and significance of a pair of shoes. Because for some people, like an awkward twelve year old who hadn’t quite found her “niche”, a pair of shoes are much more than expensive leather, good craftsmanship and a designer name, they hold a meaning; whether it’s to be more confident, have faith in yourself or to not stop believing that you will find another pair of shoes that will make you feel fabulous once again.
And to this day I have not just found one pair of shoes that made me feel that fabulous again, but found many pairs of shoes, that each tell a story, each have personal meaning and every one of them make me feel the way those Alexander McQueen shoes did that day…well almost, I mean they were Alexander McQueen. Like an exited twelve year old on her first ever shopping trip, seeing what was to her the most amazing pair of shoes in the world, that made her feel on top of the world.


  1. this is really good i hope you win, the detail is really good, cant wait to see your next blog, the more you went on about the boots made me want to read on, and made me want to see these boot ;)

  2. Do you know that the winner of the competition, Harriet 'Hattie' Hawksworth, has worked and written for Elle before?

    I thought it was a competition for "new" talent... not the friends and colleagues of Elle staffers! :(