Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rumor has it...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, rumors spread. Fast. Like wildfire they consume everything, nearly every topic of conversation, and like poison they contaminate and destroy what was once a good reputation, and before you know it, anybody who is dense enough to believe, is obsessed by an untrue, misconception that they believe is the "truth". When really they are so very far away from the actual facts, they can't see the line between the real truth and twisted lies. 
But they don't care, they believe what they want,they choose to get involved, start fights. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with them, they do this just to make their lives, more interesting...more dramatic. They don't realise, how pathetic they are being, and they obviously don't realise that there are actual people behind the rumors which they are taking as the sworn "truth". People that have feelings, and people that can get hurt.
Not all people are like this though, some don't believe what is being said, as they don't have the cold hard facts that they need to make a judgement. These people are the kind who make up their own mind about what is being said, and will not be brainwashed like the people who are believing the rumors . They also realise that it is none of their business and should not get involved. These people are intelligent, and sharp,  and will not be dragged in to a twisted little world of lies and venom.
However unfortunately not all people are like this, and some  will believe what they want, even if the truth is being offered to them. They don't want to know the whole story, because they don't want to care. They do however, care to listen to made up drivel, fueled by childish grudges and a poisonous, needless hate, just because its more "interesting".
Imagine how this makes the people who the rumors are being spread about feel. Awful. It makes them feel awful. Isolated, paranoid and disgusted that people can be so cruel. Always looking to see who has heard the rumor, looking to see who's staring, who's whispering, who's gossiping. Leaving them a nervous wreck.
But do the people who choose to believe this lie care? No. Of course not. The reason being, they are too full of their own self importance too listen to the entire story, so they believe the rumor, and they judge, despite how it makes others feel.
They judge without knowing the whole story, make snide comments, stare, give black looks. People you were once friendly with, turn on you. Turn on you simply because they are too ignorant to listen the whole story.
There are always two sides to each story, and before you have heard them both you are in no position to judge.

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